Heart of the Matter

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In The Beginning

I created a blog.

I once did a card sort to identify my calling. The card that rose to the top said “Gets to heart of the matter.” That’s where the name of this blog comes from.

I talk to lots of parents who want to help their college and post-college kids navigate the career and graduate school process. Most are not aware of the process, the timing or the alternatives. Many place pressure on their kids just by asking questions the wrong way. Many give incorrect advice. ┬áIt’s not easy being a parent.

One of the greatest joys in my work is when someone comes into my office, is clearly anxious or worried, shares his or her concerns, listens to my perspective, and walks out feeling more calm, encouraged and motivated to move forward in their job search. I’d like parents to be able to experience this kind of joy with their own kids.

This blog is primarily for parents. I intend to provide information, resources and advice to equip them to help their adult children make crucial decisions that will impact their careers and lives. I welcome questions, suggestions and stories so that we can all help each other succeed as loving, caring parents.

Let’s begin!