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A Major Decision, Made Easier

Many undergraduate students grapple with choosing an academic major.  As one of the first big decisions they may make as young adults, picking the “right” pathway can feel like a daunting task – often believing that the “wrong” choice may result in a dismal career outlook after college. The beauty and benefit of a liberal arts college, however, is that our graduates are well prepared for the world of work with any major they choose.  With so many interesting classes and activities on campus…how does one get started narrowing down the options?  Identifying interests and values is the best way to get started.  The Office of Personal & Career Development offers a myriad of resources to assist students with the major and career exploration process.

We encourage students to get started with the major selection process by completing the Focus 2, a self-assessment that helps students pinpoint their skills and interests, as well as understand the robust intersection between academic majors and career options.  Here are the benefits of the Focus 2 and a few ways that your student can maximize their results today.

Self-assessments as a compass, not a road map.

A strong academic background paired with co-curricular activities and internship experiences allows students to explore their interests, talents, and skills, while reinforcing the marketable skillset they are developing while in college. We like to think of the Focus 2 as a compass, not a road map, for major and career exploration.  It does not measure what you are good at or what career you should pursue.  Instead, it is a tool that helps illuminate core values and preferred work and learning styles based on self-reported information.  The better you understand yourself, the more likely you are to feel confident making academic and career decisions along the way.

How can students access the Focus 2?

Step by step instructions to take the Focus 2:

  1. Log-in to your DeaconSource account (if you do not have an account, use your WFU email and click “Forgot Password” to create one). Click on Online Resources located halfway down the left hand side of the page.
  2. On page 3 of the Online Resources document, you will find the access code to create your Focus 2 account.
  3. Return to your DeaconSource home page and click the Focus 2 link found directly underneath Online Resources.
  4. Click the blue hyperlink above the log-in box to create a Focus 2 account (you must create an account before logging in).
  5. Once your account is created, log-in and take both the Work Interest and Values Assessments. Your results will be available immediately for your review.

I took it!  Now what?

We recommend that students attend a group interpretation session to better understand their assessment results prior to meeting with a career counselor to discuss next steps in the exploration process.  Students can visit DeaconSource to register for a group session today!

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