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The OPCD Helps Students in Record Numbers!

The OPCD is off to a blazing start this academic year. We’ve experienced double-digit growth in student engagement compared to last year at this time. These results reflect our progress towards achieving our goal of changing the culture at Wake Forest, where personal and career development is an essential component of every student’s college experience.

Counseling appointments are one of the primary ways the OPCD assists students in their career development journey. We have experienced a 20.4% increase in appointments, with over 100 more than this time last year. Career counselors help students in a variety of ways and address each student’s career-related questions including self-assessment results, up-coming interviews, job or internship search strategies, and refine their career action plan. In post-counseling appointment surveys, 100% of students report that their counseling appointment was a helpful and positive experience.

In the past, mock interviews have been one of the more underutilized services offered by the OPCD so we are pleased to experience a 38.1% increase. We have one staff member, Don Masura, solely dedicated solely to mock interviews because it is one of the most crucial job search skills that students practice the least. In mock interviews, the student gives his/her resume and a job description to Don; then Don conducts a tailored interview representative of the industry and job description. Once the interview is complete, Don analyzes the student’s performance with the student and offers detailed feedback on the student’s strength and opportunities for improvement.
The number of self-assessments taken has increased over 30%. Self-assessments are a vital tool to help students make significant decisions like identifying options for major selection and potential career fields. These assessments enable students to understand their interests, values, skills, strengths and personality to make well-informed decisions regarding their academic and career development.

Finally, attendance at OPCD programs has increased by 11.4%. These programs are topical in nature and can be designed for particular audiences or be offered to the student body at large. The subjects range from creating a collegiate resume to building a professional LinkedIn profile to job search strategies. These programs have been embraced by students because our staff meets students where they are. Whether our staff speaks at a sorority’s chapter meeting, in a residence hall or in a faculty member’s classroom, students greatly appreciate our meeting them where they are.

Parents, make sure your student is taking advantage of all that the OCPD has to offer. The first step is to complete their profile in DeaconSource so that they receive relevant news and information tailored to their specific interests,. Students from all class years are connecting with the OPCD and increasing their capabilities to successfully find internships, full-time jobs or graduate school admission. Please encourage your student to come into the OPCD today to get started.

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