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Apply for the Career Exploration Treks

One of the objectives of the Office of Personal & Career Development is to be creative and innovative in the programs and services we offer to Wake Forest students. In the past, these innovations have taken the shape of partnering with the Department of Counseling to offer College to Career Courses and designing tools like the Career Passport. However, we are not the only career development office thinking along these lines. In many of our peer institutions, we have found the same excitement and energy that is characteristic of the OPCD. It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that the OPCD is partnering with the University of Chicago and Stanford University to offer undergraduate students three Career Exploration Treks this year.

Students from all three universities will have the opportunity to embark upon career-related field trips to Chicago, San Francisco, or Washington, D.C. from December 16th to December 18th. The trip will be a valuable professional learning experience, enabling students to become familiar with a variety of organizations in a small group setting, meet students from other outstanding schools, and build their professional network. Each trek will include a reception on Monday, December 17th which will include representatives from the organizations students will have visited, as well as local alumni from all three universities.

Each trek is open to all undergraduate students and can accommodate 45 students, fifteen from each school. We are anticipating that these treks will be popular as they provide a unique opportunity to both the students and employers who will be participating. The trek enables employers to meet outstanding students in person and identify potential candidates for internships or full-time jobs.

Wake Forest will be hosting the trek in Washington, D.C. where students will be exposed to the vibrancy and energy of our nation’s capital as well as leading consulting organizations, the leadership team of National Media Research, Planning and Placement (NMRPP), and various government opportunities. CEB, Deloitte LLP, Navigant Consulting, NMRPP, and the U.S. Capital Visitors Center will provide the fortunate 45 students a variety of learning experiences and potential employment opportunities.

For more information on the treks and the application process, click this link.

Encourage your student to apply for this incredible opportunity. Ensure that your student maximizes his chance of being selected by reminding him to spend time refining his resume, cover letter and verbal introductory ‘pitch’ to answer the question, “Tell me about yourself.” Students can also utilize our daily, walk-in resume review hours to make sure these documents emphasize the best aspects of themselves. Make sure your student seriously considers applying for this outstanding opportunity to learn more about these exciting cities and career fields.

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