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Opportunity Knocks! Start with DeaconSource

There is a certain quality about Demon Deacons – their work ethic, their “Pro Humanitate” spirit, their interpersonal skills and their well-roundedness – that makes our students stand out. Everyone affiliated with Wake Forest agrees there is something distinctive about our students and graduates, and employers have noticed as well. Thanks to the efforts of our Employer Relations team and the support of our alumni and parents whose organizations recruit our students, on-campus interviews increased by 15.5%, job postings were up 11.7%, and employer attendance at career fairs improved by 43.3% in the last year. These numbers are especially significant given that our economy is stuck in neutral.

One of the primary methods for your student to learn about and access employers interested in Wake Forest students is DeaconSource, our online recruiting portal prominently located on the OPCD website. Students can access job descriptions for internships or full-time jobs from a wide range of industry sectors. For any that interest them, DeaconSource allows students to apply for the opportunities online directly within the system. To facilitate the search process, they can set up search agents that notify them when new opportunities are posted that align with their interests.

In DeaconSource, students must complete an online profile detailing his or her broad career and geographic destination preferences. This simple step is critical. With this key information, the OPCD can deliver important email messages targeted to your student based on his or her interests. Then, your student will not miss out on information, events and opportunities that can help him or her in making career-related decisions. If your student’s preferences change, s/he can quickly adjust his or her profile to reflect the adjustments and will begin receive updated messaging. We ask students to update their DeaconSource profile at the beginning of each academic year and at any time they change their career or geographical preferences. Please remind your student of this important action item.

DeaconSource is the ideal place to start a job or internship search, but one cannot rely on it alone. Employers post jobs on many different sites which the OPCD has listed on our website. We offer some of the best pages for both internships and industry and career-specific jobs to assist students in their search. As we teach students, networking is the # 1 way to secure an internship or job, so plan on also utilizing our great networking resources, including LinkedIn, the WF Career Connectors Group and other networking contacts.

Obtaining an outstanding internship or job is not small task.  It doesn’t happen by simply applying. To set your expectations, a student may need to apply to over 30 opportunities to yield one interview. It really is THAT competitive.

As the year unfolds, more opportunities will be posted on DeaconSource. The timelines for jobs versus internships as well as different industries can be drastically different, so if your student doesn’t find anything of interest, tell him or her to remain vigilant. Don’t let your student miss out on a great job because s/he hasn’t created a DeaconSource profile, created search agents or regularly reviewed the dynamic database of job and internship opportunities. Encourage your child to get started with DeaconSource today – Opportunity Knocks!

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