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Death, Taxes, and First Destination Surveys

It is a guarantee of life: if you recently graduated from college, you will receive a request from your institution to fill out a survey detailing your post-graduate plans. In fact, you may receive multiple requests if you don’t answer the survey. While it is commonly recognized that colleges use this information to understand their graduates’ first destination outcomes, the full function and importance of these surveys is not widely understood.

Most importantly, the first destination survey is one report card of the university, especially the career office. It measures how effectively the institution supported and guided students in their personal and career development. With the student feedback provided, the career office can improve their communications, programs, resources and events. For instance, if graduates’ responses indicate a low level of awareness and usage of mock interview services, the career office can improve the publicity and communication of these services especially around the time of career fairs and on campus recruiting interviews.

In the case of the OPCD, we also ask students to report their clarity of career direction, their competency to conduct a successful job search and their confidence that they will achieve their career goals now and in the future. We also share the first destination outcomes with faculty advisors so that they can accurately inform students, in a major or when deciding on a major, about what jobs and graduate schools outcomes resulted given the major. In many instances, this information has freed students to pursue their true academic interests while also developing interesting career-related options.

If you are a parent of a recent graduate, please encourage your son or daughter to take a few moments to complete our survey. The results we receive will help us more effectively and efficiently educate and equip the next class of Demon Deacons for their academic careers and their post-graduate paths.

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