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Wake Forest Celebrates "Pro Humanitate Days"

Anyone who knows Wake Forest knows how important the school’s motto, “Pro Humanitate”, is to our students.  From the moment that students arrive on campus (and many even in the summer before!) Wake Forest students volunteer their time and energy to help others.The OPCD is very excited to participate in this year’s “Pro Humanitate Days”.  These “4 days of good” were originally created by Kim Shirley (‘85) and are being implemented across the country from June 1 to June 4.  The concept is quite simple: Wake Forest alumni from all over the country can volunteer and show their Pro Humanitate spirit in their local area.

The Wake Forest Alumni Group has organized a “Pro Humanitate Days Kickoff Event” on campus this Friday.  Scores of Wake Forest students, staff, faculty, and local alumni will volunteer with the Wake Forest Campus Kitchen, the Wake Forest Campus Garden, or our local Enrichment Center.  This is a great opportunity for all of us at Wake Forest to not only give back, but to spend quality time with like-minded individuals that have the same Pro Humanitate mindset.

We hope that you or your student are able to participate in a local Pro Humanitate event.  For more information follow this link.  Whether you participate or not, don’t forget to follow the hashtag #4goodwfu on Twitter to hear all about these 4 days of good!

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