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Quick Tips for your Student on Spring Break

Even though there are only a couple days left before students return from Spring Break,  here are a few quick things your  child can do before they come back to campus next week:
1. Network, network, network!
Regardless of the industry in which a Senior wants to find a job, networking and making key connections are always important.  In fact, research shows that approximately 70% of jobs are landed through networking.  This might include reaching out to Wake Forest alums via LinkedIn or talking to any family or friends who work in your student’s career field of interest.  Doing a service trip over the break? Make sure your student gets to know the people they’re working with and stay connected to them on LinkedIn once they return to campus.
2. Join Career Connectors on LinkedIn
The Wake Forest Career Connectors Group is comprised of Wake Forest alumni and parents who are willing to talk with current students and offer career advice. To date, we have over 4,000 Wake Forest fans ready to offer student advice, career tips, and information regarding various jobs and industries.  As a parent, you can also join Career Connectors and help students in their career research and job search.
3. Keep applying for job openings
Your student should continue to use DeaconSource, Career Shift, and other industry-specific websites to apply for as many openings as possible. All of these resources are available on-line which makes them incredibly easy to access.  Even ten minutes of searching for jobs while waiting at the airport could make a difference in your student’s life.
4. Tailor the resume/cover letter to each job
One size does not fit all when it comes to resumes and cover letters.  Be sure to read each job description carefully and incorporate key words and skill sets into the resume/cover letter.  Once your student returns to campus, they can come by the OPCD office from Monday-Thursday from 2-4 pm, and Friday from 10 am-noon, and 1-3 pm to get their resume and/or cover letter reviewed.
5. Practice interviewing
Seniors are encouraged to come to the OPCD for mock interviews, where the interview can be specifically tailored to a job description.  Mock interviews provide students with the opportunity to ask questions about the interview process, practice answering questions so that they are less nervous, and  feel more confident and prepared when heading into their real interview. Even if they can’t come into the office, students can still practice by utilizing Interview Stream, our on-line interview preparation resource.

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