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Wake Forest Turns 178

Dear old Wake Forest turned 178 this February, and the community here on-campus felt that it was important to celebrate! The OPCD, along with the Office of the President, the Division of Student Life, and the Office of Alumni Services kicked off the celebrations with a birthday salute to encourage students and alumni to gift a gift to the 1834 Campaign. To watch the video, click here.

As we celebrate this week, I’d like to quote an excerpt from a recent article on the Wake Forest homepage that articulates the reason why I believe in Wake Forest:

“On February 3, 1834, Wake Forest Manual Labor Institute opened its doors to its first student, John Crenshaw. Crenshaw, along with the 71 other young men who enrolled within the first year, were schooled in agriculture by day and the Baptist ministry by night. The long hours spent doing chores around the farm, learning how to care for the spiritual needs of others, and how to be a contributing member of society forged values which are still synonymous with Wake Forest to this day. Hard work, dedication to helping others, and the drive to finding one’s true passion in life have long been values of the Wake Forester.”

Wake Forest is a place that not only challenges its students to work hard, but instills the drive in each one of them to find true purpose. I am proud to be a member of the Wake Forest community.

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