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Spring Job and Internship Fair

Last week, the OPCD hosted our annual Spring Job and Internship Fair, giving our students an opportunity to talk with representatives from over 35 companies in various industries including Finance, Sales, Marketing and Communication, Computer Science, and Education. For a full list of the represented companies please click here.

Part of our commitment to our students is making sure that they feel prepared and confident when attending these types of events. Leading up to the fair, our office provided extended resume review hours, workshops on how to make the most of the job and internship fair, and one on one counseling appointments.  The efforts of our students paid off, as evident in the remarks by some of the representatives on campus:

“Very impressed to see so many students, especially first year students”- Deloitte Representative

“A WF Alumna is doing extremely well at our company. This year’s career fair went well and I hope to return to future fairs”- Abercrombie & Fitch Representative

Company representatives and students alike were also very impressed with a new addition to this year’s Job and Internship Fair- a LinkedIn Photo Booth.

With the growing interest and use of LinkedIn, the OPCD wanted to give students the opportunity to have great quality, professional LinkedIn profile photos.  During the fair OPCD staff set up a camera and backdrop and took over 350 student headshots. The photo booth was so impressive that company representatives even came over to get their profile photos taken!  We are excited to continue to offer new and helpful opportunities to our students and look forward to seeing their photos on LinkedIn.

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