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Internship Search Strategies

It may be hard to believe (considering winter break was just last month!), but the summer is almost here. The biggest question our career counselors are asking students is: “have you started your summer internship search?” No matter where a student is in the process, the OPCD is here to help. Read on for our top 3 tips of what students should be doing now to look for and prepare for a summer internship.

1.  Utilize your resources. The OPCD website is full of helpful internship tips and resources. We’ve recently updated our website to include information about earning internship credit, funding your internship, and finding internship housingDeaconSource, our on-line career portal for students, also contains a variety of internship postings.

2.  Set goals and execute your plan. Use this tracking tool on the “Find an Internship” page to track the contacts made, the internships applied for, and the follow-up required. Set specific goals for the number of internships you will apply for and the industries and locations you want to pursue.

3.  Get in touch and stay in touch. Networking is the single best way to identify opportunities, research information for interviews, and build relationships that will help you land an internship.

  • Here are 3 great tips for building a network:
    • Create a LinkedIn account today and start making connections.
    • Join the Wake Forest Career Connectors group on LinkedIn to get access to the more than 2,800 Wake Forest alumni willing to help you get started on your career search.
    • If you are involved in a sorority, fraternity, or other campus organization, see if the organization has a LinkedIn group. If they do, join that group, too.

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