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Young Alumni Get LinkedIn

Earlier this week, OPCD Career Counselor Lauren Beam met with twenty young Wake Forest alums to discuss the importance of LinkedIn and networking. Here are some key takeaways from Lauren’s presentation that I think are beneficial for professionals of every age:

  • Over 70% of jobs are secured because of networking/connections, not through job postings or advertisements.  So don’t focus all your time applying to online job postings.
  • 89% of recruiters say they are checking LinkedIn during the hiring process, which makes having a positive online presence (especially LinkedIn!) an essential step of your job search.
  • LinkedIn is a useful tool for young alums to:
    • Search and apply for jobs (Many companies now pay to post jobs via LinkedIn).
    • Join groups (College alumni-related, location-specific, industry-specific) to find potential contacts.  These groups also post many sector- or affinity-specific opportunities.
    • Research organizations of interest.  You can learn a lot about the people who work there and find potential connections.
    • Create a strong online personal brand.
  • LinkedIn and networking isn’t about asking for a job – it’s about connecting with and learning from people who work at jobs or companies that are of interest to you.  The point is to put yourself out there as someone who is actively seeking career information and advice, and who is professional in their interactions with others. It’s not about expecting your contacts to hand you a job.

Use LinkedIn to supplement your other networking opportunities, to stay in touch and follow-up with key contacts, and to take advantage of the affinity you share with other Wake Forest alumni. The WF family is Pro Humanitate – of service to one another!

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