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College-to-Career Courses

When I first arrived at Wake Forest, I envisioned a set of career courses that would help students answer: “Who am I?”, “Where am I going?” and “How do I get there?”

Two years later, my vision is now a reality. Thanks to the outstanding collaboration between the Wake Forest academic department of Counseling (CNS) and Office of Personal and Career Development, we now offer students the College-to-Career course series designed to help answer these questions. In CNS 120: Personal Framework for Career Exploration, students experience activities that help them understand their personal strengths, interests, and beliefs, which develops their ability to make sound decisions. Taught by Wake Forest Masters of Counseling graduate and professor Heidi Robinson, this course asks students to consider their values and the influences that have helped them attain their current goals. Furthermore, they explore and understand the majors that are offered at WFU and how majors relate to career options.

In CNS 220: Options in the World of Work, students begin the crucial task of understanding the range of careers available and considering which careers will best align with their interests, needs and aspirations. Students conduct a series of informational interviews with professionals, begin to build a professional network and explore the range of careers and career paths.

Two more courses, CNS 320: The Strategic Job Search and CNS 360: Professional and Life Skills, are in development and will be introduced next fall.

I am so excited and enthusiastic about these courses that I know will make a significant impact on a student’s personal and career development experience here at Wake Forest. I encourage you to read a little more about the courses and hear what our students learned in our first CNS 120 class here.

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