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Career and Life Vision with the Fellows

This week, I spoke to the Wake Forest Fellows on the subject of Career and Life Vision.  For those of you that are unfamiliar, the Wake Forest Fellows Program was established by President Hatch’s Office in 2008 to provide recent graduates the opportunity to work in higher administration in a year-long post-graduate internship. In addition to the assignment in a particular administrative department of the university, each Fellow has opportunities to interact with and be mentored by key administrators and faculty; to learn about various administrative areas of the university; and to participate in a series of leadership lunches and enrichment activities with leaders at Wake Forest and in the larger Winston-Salem community.

I was honored to speak to this group of bright and determined Wake Forest graduates. I wanted to emphasize the challenge and importance of thinking about and articulating one’s personal career and life vision which I define as “the ability to see life and work in a way that is inspiring, fulfilling and meaningful AND in alignment with who you are.”

I assured them that very few people are able to articulate their vision in their mid-20’s. In fact, it took me until I was forty before I could clearly articulate my own career and life vision. However, in beginning to understand their unique purpose, strengths, values and interests at an early age, these young alumni will be far more prepared to discover what really matters most and seek and acquire future opportunities that will help develop and define their career and life vision.

I applaud the Office of the President for its commitment to the Wake Forest Fellows program. These graduates offer a fresh, inspiring perspective. We are thankful for they have added substantial value to the Wake Forest community.

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