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Your Junior Student’s Holiday To-Do List

Winter Break is an important time for your junior, whether they are returning home after studying abroad or studying at Wake Forest. This year’s summer experience will play an important role in their job search next year or in their decision to apply to graduate school, so your student should seek and apply for internships in their career field of interest.

Here are three easy things that you can encourage your junior student to do while they are home:

  1. Review our Study Abroad checklist. This handout outlines the action items all juniors should have completed before they return to Wake Forest in January – whether they studied abroad or not. Most importantly, remind your student to update their resume with their current GPA and their study abroad experience. Review our study abroad resume template (Select Resume #2)  for examples.
  2. Watch our Study Abroad: Make it Work video. Created by our Career Education and Counseling team, this video explains how students can leverage and describe their study abroad experience to potential employers in an interview setting. This is equally relevant for students who studied abroad in the summer.
  3. Prepare for the Career and Internship Fair. On January 25th from 12-4 pm, employers representing a very wide variety of industries will be on campus to meet with students about a myriad of internship and career opportunities. In the coming weeks, our website will include the list of organizations that are attending so that your student can make sure to do some research beforehand. To ensure that your student is prepared well in advance, encourage them to update their resume with their current GPA, study abroad experience and extracurricular activities. Refer to the “Interview Attire” tab on our website if your student has questions about appropriate attire for the event.

Learning about and using these valuable resources and developing these key skills will help your student build a strong foundation for their personal and career development. Starting now will help them manage the senior year job search process and will be of benefit to them throughout their lives.

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