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The Latest Job Outlook for Graduates

Lacey Johnson’s article in the Chronicle of Higher Education notes that the job outlook for college students is expected to improve this year. According to a major annual survey of employers, graduates with a Bachelor’s degree will see a seven percent increase in available jobs.

I think it is important to note that this increase, while not substantial, speaks to the slow and steady growth of opportunities for our students. This is the information we want our students to be aware of. We want them to recognize that there are opportunities hidden underneath the plethora of negativity and pessimism in our country.

I’d also like to note that while the article mentions the increase in engineering and finance, researcher Phil Gardner also mentions the strong hiring growth expected in the marketing, advertising and public relations fields.

I agree with author that stability is good. Stability is what we need to begin the process of increasing confidence in our graduates and in our employers.

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