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Speaking with Student Leaders

School has officially begun and we are thrilled that students have returned! Last Tuesday, I met with forty-five students at our OPCD Open House for Student Leaders at Wake Forest. The majority of them were seniors, and when I asked how many of them had a clear career path for the year, only four raised their hands. I think this speaks to the importance of what our office hopes to accomplish this year: ensuring that all students come in to our office to meet with a career counselor, clarify their interests and determine appropriate options, and develop a motivating action plan for their career search.
We discussed how it can be difficult to get motivated to do a job search given the weak job economy.  When I shared that 9 out of 10 Wake Forest graduates in 2009 and 2010 were either employed or in graduate school by December after their graduation, they realized that they could beat the economy and find success in their job or grad school search. I feel that many students actually shoot themselves in the foot by not trying and giving up too soon. We know that when students come to our office and create an action plan with a career counselor, we can help them stay motivated and accountable to take one step at a time.  Given the many ups and downs of the job search, especially in this crazy economy, it’s even more important not to run the race alone.
We understand that every student has a unique path: whether they want to find employment, pursue graduate or business school, travel abroad, or volunteer. Our hope is that our seniors understand that we can help them at every step in this process. By capitalizing on the OPCD’s resources, staff, and expertise, our seniors will be able to successfully prepare for their post-graduate plans. Seniors, we look forward to helping you this year as you look towards graduation!

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