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A Successful Year

As we plan for another exciting year in the Office of Personal and Career Development (OPCD), I’d be remiss not to take a moment to share our successful year as described in our 2010-2011 Annual Report. Twelve months ago, the OPCD was just a concept. Over this past year, it has become a reality. We are no longer a standard career services office designed to help upper class students ‘just get a job or internship.’ We are equipping students to lead lives with purpose. In addition to supporting students’ job search and career development needs, we are providing opportunities to learn important competencies for life and work, including mentoring, leadership, professional skills, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

As many of you are aware, the mission of the OPCD is to teach, advise, and equip all Wake Forest students to successfully navigate the path from college to career. This year, we focused on accomplishing four key goals:

  • Assemble a strong team and foundation
  • Inspire and track increased student education and engagement with our office and programs
  • Create new partnerships, networking connections, and employment opportunities with faculty, parents, alumni, and employers
  • Raise necessary funds to cover our projected expenses (incremental to the University’s operating support) through June 2014

Our office received consistent, positive feedback from students, employers, and faculty with many noting the innovations and visibility of our office and staff. By increasing the staff from 7 to 25 and broadening our mission and services, our investment is making an impact on Wake Forest. An admitted student’s parent recently commented that our services and resources are “head and shoulders above the rest of the other schools we are considering. It gives [Wake Forest] a distinct advantage.”

Our positive results reflect not only the contributions of the OPCD staff, but also those of our partners across the University. With a focus on developing the College-to-Career Community, more faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and employers are engaged and equipped to effectively support our students than ever before.

As we reflect upon our successful year (including raising over $5 million from friends and parents!), we also look forward to continued growth and accomplishments in 2011-2012. From new technologies and resources to new programs and courses and a new office space on the 2nd floor of Reynolda Hall, we will continue to build upon the strong foundation that we have created while further developing our unique College-to-Career Community, a caring, supportive community and culture that is already becoming known as an leading, innovative model in higher education.

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