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101 Things to do Before you Graduate

My friend, Jullien Gordon, co-wrote the book “101 Things to do Before you Graduate” and in my opinion, it is a must read for every college bound high school senior.  It may seem a bit overwhelming to begin with, right?  101 things to do before I graduate—heck, I haven’t even started!  The reality is, developing goals and having a plan to achieve them is one key to success in college.  This book is the ideal blueprint for creating that plan.

The book is divided into four ‘chapters’, if you will, focusing on Academic, Career, Money and Success.  Then broken down even further into:  Academic Excellence, Above & Beyond, Campus Involvement, Graduate School, Networking, Skill Development, Personal Brand, Job Hunting, Manage your Money, Make Money, Health and Wellness, Relationships, Leadership and Service and Personal Growth.

“If you want to build a solid foundation for an inspired life, this list will pay off in ways you can’t even imagine.”

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One Response to 101 Things to do Before you Graduate

  1. Hi Mr. Chan,
    I agree with you that the book “101 Things to do Before you Graduate” is an excellent source of information. I feel that every student needs to have a solid plan in place before they graduate. This is a not really an option but a must do. Excellent Post!!!
    Keep Motivated People Knowledge Is POWER!! 🙂