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What to pay college interns?

Dear Andy,

I was wondering what you suggest as a compensation guideline for summer internships in the healthcare industry. I’ve heard that the average is $25 per hour.

I hear that the compensation in recent times has diminished, and that some students have taken internships without compensation, but I’d like to pay what’s appropriate.

What do you recommend?

– A Paying Employer

Dear P.E.,

Glassdoor.com is a useful website that publishes self-reported wage and salary information.  The site can be searched by job title, employer and/or industry.

One of our career counselors used the advanced search feature and found over 400 results for intern salaries in the healthcare industry.  Some highlights are below:

  • Finance Intern:  $10 to $22 per hour
  • Operations Intern:  $15 to $34 per hour
  • Marketing Intern:  $10 to $36 per hour
  • MBA Intern:  $22 to $42 per hour

I am pleased to hear that you intend to pay your interns.  Employers need to be aware that there is a new law enacted this past year in which it is illegal to hire interns for free in many cases.

You are providing a great service to provide internship opportunities.  College students need work experience to help them develop work skills and learn about possible jobs and careers.  It’s even more important today as there are fewer opportunities available for them.  Thank you!

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