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Internships for pre-meds

Dear Andy,

I have seen a great improvement in career services over the last year and really appreciate your team’s efforts. My daughter is a junior pre-med and has been looking for an opportunity for the summer.  She seems to be having a difficult time finding an opportunity to match a
pre-med student’s needs.  Should she apply for any internship rather than none at all?  Is there a database of internships for pre-meds?

– A Pre-Med’s Dad

Dear P.M.D.,

There are several resources that your daughter should be actively using:

  1. She should contact Professor Pat Lord to get onto the listserv for pre-health/pre-med students.  Then, she will be kept informed about important pre-med news and information.
  2. She should also meet with Dr. Lord once she returns to campus during spring semester.  Dr. Lord can discuss summer opportunities as well her overall strategy and plan for applying to medical schools, including letters of recommendation.
  3. A helpful website listing hundreds of co-op and internship opportunities for pre-med students and students interested in biomedical research: http://people.rit.edu/gtfsbi/Symp/premed.htm
  4. Many universities run summer research programs for undergraduates.  While some of these programs are intended to introduce students to PhD programs, many of them are relevant for and open to the pre-med student.  A link to a list of such programs is here – http://www.the-aps.org/education/ugsrf/sumreslinks.htm
  5. By meeting with a career counselor in the Office of Career Services, she will be introduced to a variety of databases and other sources that would have opportunities that fit her interests.  UCAN and internships.com have many internship and volunteer opportunities for students interested in medicine.

If you daughter proactively engages with the many resources available, she should be able to find an internship that will help her learn more about medical careers and enhance her potential application.  If she is serious about medical school, it is important for her to find a valuable, worthwhile internship.

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