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Pre-Med isn’t for everyone

Each year, about 30% of the incoming class indicates that they are a Pre-Med.  After four years, only 5% actually end up going to medical school.  Along the way, these “Post Pre-Meds” must re-set their career direction – and possibly have difficult conversations with their parents.

Meredith Smith had dreamed of being a doctor since she was three years old.  She and her parents assumed that it was the only option when she entered Wake Forest in 2006.  Meredith soon learned that chemistry and biology in college was very different than in high school; and she needed to find a new direction.

In my interview with Meredith, she shares her journey from Pre-Med to Communications and German; to great marketing and public relations internships; to the summer business management program; to becoming a Wake Forest Fellow working with the Office for Personal and Career Development.  She has built a solid foundation for her business career.  Meredith_Smith_32k

It’s OK if your student learns that they’ve lost interest in being a doctor.  With the help of the career office, professors and many others around campus, your student can find other interests, passions and career directions.

Help them by accepting their decision and supporting them through their transition.  By moving through this transition quickly, they can begin exploring new options as soon as they are ready.

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