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Career Tips for First Year Students

In my address to about 400 first year students last month, I interviewed four terrific Wake Forest graduates from the Class of 2010 to share their experiences with the first year students.  Each had unique experiences that address many of the common issues, questions and roadblock that first year students experience.

Mark Russell was a varsity athlete at Wake Forest.  Even with the heavy load that student-athletes experience, he was able to obtain several internships during the summer and during the school year.  He offers some tips for how he was able to build a solid academic foundation in his first year which gave him the confidence, skills and flexibility to easily take on internships in his later years.

He obtained coveted sports marketing internship where he learned that it wasn’t the best career for him.  In his senior year, he was panicked because every internship didn’t turn out like he had hoped.  Nevertheless, he found a terrific job that he’s enjoying now – after he asked for help from a counselor in the career office.  In his interview, Mark offers some additional advice to the students.

Listen to Mark’s interview and learn from his experience: Mark Russell Interview

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