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Father’s Day

I have 3 awesome kids: Alex (16), Natalie (12 on July 5) and Angela (8).  I love them so much – words aren’t enough to describe the depth of my love for them.

I received a Father’s Day card from them today with a message worth sharing…

“What does it take to be a Dad?

Patience, Kindness, a Sense of Humor, Courage, Values, an Open Mind, Devotion, Hard Work, Loyalty…

and a Great Big Heart!

You’ve got it all, Dad.

Happy Father’s Day!”

I am humbled and thankful that my kids feel this way about me.  And I find myself wondering, How did I develop these traits?  And how will these traits be developed in my children?  I hope that my modeling positive behavior with them and with my beloved wife, Jessie, will be positive influences.  But I wonder if there’s more I can do.

Discussion question: How are you guiding your children to become great adults and parents?  What have you seen actually work?

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