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Filmmakers are leaders

At this week’s Thursday’s at Starling event where Wake Forest University professors show off some of their very cool work, Mary Dalton and Sandy Dickson, co-directors of the new graduate documentary film program shared their exciting vision and plans. I was moved by the notion that “documentary filmmakers are leaders”.  Mary emphasized how filmmakers put forth ideas and stories that can affect change and make people think and act differently. That makes sense to me.  An Inconvenient Truth is evidence of that power.

Even more moving to me is the fact that these leaders can be 25 or 20 or even younger. Thinking about this fact burst a wrong assumption I’ve had about becoming a leader – that you need experience or knowledge or credibility.  Or you need an MBA.

So if you want to pursue your passion of making films, go for it! You’ll become a leader by affecting hearts, minds, and even the world.

P.S. Mary – thank you for giving me a new way to think about leadership!

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One Response to Filmmakers are leaders

  1. Mary Dalton says:

    You are most welcome, Andy! Of course, this message was powerfully reinforced by Spike Lee’s talk in conjunction with the Reynolda Film Festival. The Documentary Film Program (DFP) will bring in other filmmaker leaders in months to come!