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Today we held a session called “Reflections” for the graduating class of 2009. It had a more special meaning than in other years for me, since I am leaving the Stanford Graduate School of Business at the end of June (click here for more on my new gig).

Here are some reflections from my eight years at the GSB…

Teams – the CMC staff is one of the most amazing teams I have ever worked with. They are compassionate and competent. They deliver world class service and results. And they are like a loving, supportive family. I LOVE them!

Insights – I found out that I love teaching, advising and working with students (I actually returned from London to Stanford this morning to lead the Reflections session this afternoon!). If I had stayed in the corporate world, I may have never discovered this passion.

Challenges – My first year at the GSB was a little rocky as I didn’t really understand the students or faculty, nor did I know how to best communicate with them. I am glad that I figured it out, or else I would never have made it.

Future – My new opportunity offers me incredible alignment and coherence on the following dimensions: career, personal, family, financial and spiritual. A unique door has been opened for me and my family, one that we didn’t even know was available to us. I truly feel called to enter this new door and wholeheartedly embrace the uncertainty and unknown.

Friends – I am very thankful for the many friends I have made at the business school, staff, alumni and students.

With a sense of expectation and adventure, I go forth in faith and confidence that inspiring, meaningful days are ahead. As you leave this wonderful place, as graduates or just for the summer, I hope that you will do the same. I bid you farewell and pray that you experience much love, joy and passion throughout your lives.

Your fellow “graduate” from the class of 2009,

The Chanster

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  1. Mercy Eyadiel says:

    I enjoyed reading the press release regarding your new appointment! Very cool! It’s all still sinking in… Thank you for being such a tremendous leader and mentor to all of us! YOU are the BEST and will be sorely missed!