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De-stressing the job search

Are you feeling stressed? Unable to get motivated in your job search? Feeling futile and saying to yourself, “Why waste the time looking for a job if no one’s hiring?”

You are not alone.

But you, as well as I, know that succumbing to these feelings will not improve your odds of getting a job. And they won’t help you feel any better. So what should you do?

1. Focus on what you can control. The interview process is much like the dating process. Don’t take the other person’s lack of interest personally and don’t let it drive you crazy. You cannot control them.

2. Complete discreet tasks. Write a To Do list for each day or for each 2 hour period. Then, just do it. Repeat. Reflect on all you accomplished and be satisfied. These small wins add up.

3. Take breaks. A break is most rewarding after completing a set of tasks or achieving a goal. Walking, meditating, listening to music, being in nature, exercising, playing with the kids – do things that bring you joy and energize you.

4. Practice breathing deeply. Breathing with attention and consciousness can bring you peace and serenity. Give it a try.

5. Compose a positive mantra and use it. Try one of these: “I only need one job” or “It’s a new day and a good day” or “I am thankful for all I have and who I am”.

6. Blast some tunes. Music is food for the soul. Just make sure it’s music you like.

7. Exercise. Don’t you feel great after exercising? Start slowly and build up your stamina and capabilities. In no time, you’ll feel unstoppable.

8. Sleep. Sharpness, attentiveness, perceptiveness, charm, improvisation are particularly important when searching for a job. You’re much more likely to exhibit these when you’re rested.

Special thanks to Margot Carmichael Lester. I developed these tips after reading her article, “Anxiety for Fun and Profit”.

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