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We’re not hiring

If you’re looking for a job, you’re probably hearing “We’re not hiring” over and over again.

It’s painful. It’s depressing. It’s discouraging.

Enough. It’s time to stop the pity party.

As John F. Kennedy said, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Here are a few thoughts to keep you going the next time you hear “We’re not hiring”:

1. Tell me something that I didn’t know. (Well, don’t say this one unless you really don’t want a job there :-).

2. I am really not looking for a job. I just wanted to learn about your company and get some advice from you.

3. That’s OK. I really don’t want to start a new job until later this year. I’d still like to meet with you if you have time.

4. I understand completely. Have recent staffing cuts made it difficult for you? Perhaps I could do a project to help you.

5. You’re not hiring right now. But, you might be hiring in the future. Let’s talk.

It’s no surprise that the job market is terrible. So why let it ruin your day?

Your measure of a solid networking contact should not be based on the hiring status of your contact’s organization. Instead, view your contact as someone who can help you learn about the company, identify potential roles that you’d be interested in and qualified for, give you advice on how to be well-prepared for the interview process, and be a supporter for you within this organization or with colleagues at other firms.

In sales, it can take eight contacts to close a deal. It could take a similar number to get a job, so treat this first conversation as an opportunity to break the ice and develop a relationship that could eventually lead to a great job. Don’t expect too much from a single call.

Good things take time. Take the time to work the network.

You really don’t have a choice. After all, they’re not hiring.

What keeps you motivated when you receive discouraging news during your job search?

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